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Introducing a completely new way to protect your carpet.Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is the revolutionary new antimicrobial product protection solution that inhibits the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, mold and mildew that effect modern carpet upholstery.

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Max Germ Guard Fibre Shield™ is part of range of products are all protected by Vitec Antimicrobial Chemistry and provide Consumers and Industry with a range of branded consumables that offer confidence and peace of mind without loss of performance, style and durability.


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Max Germ Guard® Fibre Shield®

The demand for improved hygiene standards is continuously growing, which has led to a high demand for products that destroy microorganisms and prevent cross contamination.


Traditionally it was impossible to completely protect your home, office or work place from microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. However, Max Germ Guard® Fibre Shield® incorporating Vitec Antimicrobial Chemistry provides a real solution to combating bacterial growth, creating a safer and healthier environment for everyone.


Max Germ Guard® Fibre Shield® is an antimicrobial product that inhibits the growth of microorganisms that causes odour, discolouration, and deterioration of carpets & upholstery. This carpet and upholstery cleaning product, permanently bonds molecularly to its surface to form a new antimicrobial surface which is durable, resistant and ready to destroy harmful bacteria. As a carpet and upholstery fabric protector, Max Germ Guard® Fibre Shield® is perfectly suitable to be used for a wide range of textile fabrics including natural and synthetic fibres in knitted, woven and non-woven textile carpets. Max Germ Guard® Fibre Shield® is one of the only carpet cleaning products that protects carpets against mildew and odours while retaining its effectiveness after stain removal and cleaning.


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How to use FibreShield

Fibre Shield can be applied to new or newly cleaned carpets and fabrics. Using the measuring cap, dispense 60ml into a 5 litre pump sprayer. This will cover and average of 20 square metres. Fill the remainder with water and gently shake. Once mixed use within one hour. Wear suitable gloves and face mask when applying. Allow to dry.