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Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is part of range of products are all protected by Vitec Antimicrobial Chemistry and provide Consumers and Industry with a range of branded consumables that offer confidence and peace of mind without loss of performance, style and durability.

The Max Germ Guard range of products are protected by a revolutionary antimicrobial Chemistry and provide both consumers and businesses in different industries with a range of consumables that offer confidence and peace of mind without loss of performance, style and durability.

Consumers and Businesses alike demand high hygiene standards both in the home and office, requiring products that offer them a great degree of safety and security, reducing risk from bacteria and cross contamination.


The Max Germ Guard range, incorporating Vitec Antimicrobial Chemistry, provides a real solution to combating bacterial growth, creating a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

A multifunctional solution, Max Germ Guard is suitable across many sectors;

  • Home and Garden
  • Foodservice
  • Institutions
  • Health and Beauty
  • Military


Textiles and hard surfaces provide the perfect conditions for bacterial growth, leading to serious risk of cross contamination. By using Max Germ Guard products, you can immediately improve hygiene standards and significantly reduce risk of spreading bacteria through Food, Hard Surfaces, Clothing and Textiles.

Max Germ Guard current and future products include:

Fibre Shield – an antimicrobial product for textiles that provides complete protection against bacteria


NeverGreen – an antimicrobial product for all outdoor surfaces to prevent the growth of mould, mildew and fungus on wood, stone, brick and textiles.


Showershield – Shower Shield Clean and Shower Shield Protect are designed especially for your bathroom. ShowerShield Clean removes any mould and Shower Shield Protect is an antimicrobial that forms an invisible barrier preventing the return of any mould.


Max Kids Towel – Our bath, hand and face towels made from 100% Bamboo cotton are impregnated with our revolutionary antimicrobial formula so they keep you and your family safe.


Safe n Soft – A fabric softener that contains our antimicrobial technology so that every time you wash your clothes you are protecting them


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