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Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is a new, antimicrobial fibre protection that is set to revolutionise the carpet and upholstery cleaning sector. As an upholstery cleaning product, it continually inhibits the growth of microbes. It reduces the expansion of microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi that can cause odour, discolouration and deterioration of carpets and upholstery. Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is an excellent product for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, including certain viruses, mould, mildew, fungi and yeasts. When applied for upholstery cleaning, it permanently bonds molecularly to its surface to form a new antimicrobial surface which is durable, resistant and ready to destroy harmful bacteria. It contains millions of microscopic protectors that attach themselves to the surface of the fibre, like a “bed of nails”. As soon as microbes come into contact with the Fibre Shield ™ barrier the cell wall is pierced and immediately destroyed.

Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is a carpet and upholstery cleaning product that doesn’t contain any heavy metals like tin, lead, mercury or formaldehyde and is completely non-toxic. Upon application and once dry, it creates a safe and invisible, stain resistant barrier that repels water and kills bacteria for up to 12 months before re-application. Another fantastic feature of this carpet and upholstery cleaning product is that it retains its effectiveness even after stain removal and cleaning.

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